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Old Spice's "The Man, Your Man Can Smell Like" campaign has been considered one of the best campaigns due to its particular way of targeting its customers.

Although they offer a product 100% intended for men, the brand is always directed towards women in the campaign.

From my perspective as a consumer, the propaganda pushed me to try the body wash, and to this day, I am still using the body washer of the brand.

However, remembering how I got the product. My mother, who also saw the advertisement, was the one who bought the body wash at the supermarket for me, my brother and my father.

This leads me to understand why Old Spice in their campaign was targeting women instead of men, and this is because, in their study before the campaign, they found that women make 60% of body wash purchases.

On the other hand, although the remaining 40% are men who buy their body wash, the campaign was indirectly conveying the message to them.

For this reason, throughout the campaign, the indirect invitation for men is to become that man that any woman would like to have. Of course, through the aroma that the body wash offers.

In my opinion, the strategy used by Old Spice to position its product was brilliant since it was a rebirth for its brand that was left in the memory of older generations.

From this advertisement, I learned how significant good research is before any campaign. This is because, as evident as it may seem who the customers are, they may not be the ones who convert the purchase.

In the future and as an experience, it will always remain for me that it is crucial to differentiate the customer segment that will consume the product and the segment that is going to generate the purchase. Because if the announcement or publicity does not involve both, likely, the campaign will not reach the stipulated objectives.

In conclusion, the Old Spice campaign is one more example of how important it is for any company to know its customers and find the best way to encourage them to purchase.

Old Spice is much more than a brand of soaps and deodorants; Old Spice is the image of the dream man for both genders. That is what makes it different and stands out in the market.



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